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5 Occasions Where You Need An Outdoor Cup Holder

Posted by Kevin Provagna on

The best part about nice weather is being able to spend time outdoors, and sometimes the worst part about it is finding a place to set your drink. When it's windy, it'll get blown away. When it's crowded, it will get knocked over. When it's on the ground, grass and dirt get in it. Having an outdoor cup holder or outdoor wine glass holder with you can solve all of these problems. While they are perfect for just hanging out in your backyard, when they are portable, your outdoor beverage holder will come in handy everywhere you go.

Lawn Concerts

outdoor lawn concertDon't risk spilling your drink when you're at a crowded lawn concert, oftentimes surrounded by people drinking alcohol. The last thing you want is for your pricey drink to get knocked over while set on the ground or spilled when being bumped into. With an outdoor cup holder that stakes into the ground, you can secure your drink to prevent people from knocking it over. Get a cup holder that is made from steel rod and is sturdy enough to prevent spilling to make it worthwhile.

Graduation Parties

cornhole at graduation parties

Just like lawn concerts, cup holders have the potential to make or break your time at a graduation party. Many people host their graduation parties in the outdoors in the summer, where games like cornhole, Can Jam, and bocce ball are played in grass. Doesn't make sense to have tables in those areas… so where would you put your drink? If you are hosting a graduation party, getting outdoor beverage holders for your guests can improve their experience and enjoyment, not having to worry about losing or knocking over their drink. Going to a graduation party? Bring your own drink holder because there is a good chance there won't be a convenient place to put your drink if you are playing lawn games.



camping by the fireCamping gets dirty. There is no way to avoid that. But there is a way to avoid your drinks getting dirt and debris in them and prevent them from blowing off in a camping chair or folding table. With a steel-rod outdoor cup holder, you can stake it into the ground where your drink will be a few feet off the dirt. This not only gives you easier access to grab your drink, but because of how sturdy the cup holder is, you don't need to worry about winds, or even someone bumping into it. Outdoor cup holders are fairly compact as well so when you're packing your camper or car up for a trip, the cup holders won't take up too much room.


Wine Tastings

outdoor wine tasting

It's always fun to have a group of friends over, have everyone bring a bottle of wine, and have your own wine tasting. Make it easier to hang out around a fire in the backyard or off the patio with garden wine glass holders. While you may not use your best glassware for an event like this, you still don't want to risk breaking the wine glasses. By using specifically made cup holders for the unique shape of stemmed wine glasses, you prevent the glasses from being knocked over, dropped, or broken. Using outdoor wine bottle holders completes the night for a full backyard experience.



picnic on picnic blanket

When you have a picnic, you take the risk of your food and drink potentially getting dirty, knocked over, or blown over by the wind, but it doesn't have to be that way. If you're having a traditional picnic on a blanket on the ground, normal outdoor wine glass holders would be too tall, but picnic wine glass holders are made for this occasion. They sit low to the ground and are as sturdy as the standard ones. They are the perfect addition for when you pack your next picnic basket.

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