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Tips for Decorating Small Backyards

Posted by Kevin Provagna on

You may think because your backyard is small, there isn’t much you can do to turn it into a comfortable, inviting, outdoor living space. That is far from the case. Regardless of the size of your yard, whether 100 sq. feet or 100 acres, you can turn it into the outdoor space of your dreams with a few decorating tips. From deciding on the right color scheme to using outdoor cup holders instead of tables, there are tasteful ways to create an inviting environment for friends and family.

Folding Furniture

folding chairs Don’t underestimate the power and convenience of folding furniture. Folding chairs and tables have come a long way in design and usability, and no longer are beach chairs and dinner tables the only options when choosing moveable furniture. Slingback chairs are becoming more stylish with boutique furniture stores, and other larger companies such as Ikea and Wayfair, giving consumers more options to furnish their outdoor spaces with the same design and integrity as they’d decorate their indoor spaces. Collapsible furniture allows you to transform your outdoor space in an instant, allowing you to not only create extra space when necessary but to rearrange and adjust the layout of your space as needed. Collapsible furniture proves especially useful when trying to maintain a decorated outdoor space while giving your children a space to play.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is becoming more and more popular, especially among those living in apartments or compact neighborhoods. Whether you choose to use to use a vegetable cage in your yard or create your own flower pot wall on your patio, vertical gardening is one of the easiest ways to add charm, color, and freshness to your outdoor living space. Want more tips on how to effectively create a vertical garden? Check out our guide on the benefits of vertical gardening.

Outdoor Cup Holders

Not enough space to set up a table your family, friends, and guests can use for cups, bottles, or cans? Try using outdoor cup holders that stick in the ground. Outdoor cup holders such as the ones sold by Ohio Outdoor Creations resemble garden stakes but create a unique functionality of allowing you to move the stands around as needed so you can keep your drink with you at all times. Backyard cup holders come in a variety of colors and styles to match any color scheme you may be using. Additionally, the different styles of backyard cup holders allow you to use them with wine glasses, pop cans, beer bottles, coffee mugs, and more.

Color Scheme

Picking the right color scheme can do a lot to affect the overall feel and space of your backyard. The color scheme for outdoor spaces is just as important as picking color schemes for indoor spaces, as it can drastically change how big or small it feels. Sticking to a simple color palette with high contrast will keep the space from looking cluttered while keeping an element of design present. Some popular color schemes to create the illusion of a larger space include pastels, citrus tones, sea shades, and traditional black and white. With simple color schemes, you can use garden stakes or garden flags to add pops of color, without making it seem too busy.

Don’t let the size of your yard dictate whether you enjoy it or not. There are a number of ways to maximize your space while creating a fun, versatile environment everyone will enjoy.

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