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Garden Flags for Every Season and Holiday

Posted by Jeanne Polanski on

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We at Ohio Outdoor Creations believe that flags are more than just a pretty little something to hang outside your door; we believe flying a flag to be an act of self-expression, and that the design you choose says something about who you are. We also know that the message you offer the world in winter might not be the same come spring, which is why we offer flags specially designed to complement the styles and the sentiments of the individual seasons.


snowman welcome flagThe winter months are all about two things; cold weather and holidays. Even if snow and ice aren’t your thing, you can still celebrate the fun side of the chilly weather with our collection of charming and rustic snowman flags. Those who like to see the white stuff piled high outside their door will be delighted by the “Let it Snow” sentiment of our Snowman & Mittens Garden Flag. Planning on hosting friends and family? Your guests will appreciate the way this Snowman Welcome Flag celebrates the beauty of the season while also entreating them inside for a cup of hot cocoa and a seat by the fireplace.

Christmas is perhaps the holiday most defined by togetherness and joy; what better way to signal that both can be found at your home than the flying of a festive Christmas garden flag? Those looking for stoic, striking beauty will appreciate the bold hue of our Red Damask Poinsettia Garden Flag, while those with children to entertain will smile at how the eyes of the little ones light up at the sight of our Ho Ho Ho Santa Garden Flag. Ohio Outdoor Creations is also proud to offer a variety of flags that depict touching nativity scenes and gorgeous church tableaus; no matter how you celebrate the season, we’re certain to have an outdoor winter flag that meets your needs.


flowers welcome flagIt’s the season of new life, the time of the year where we do away with the old and welcome the new. Why not take this opportunity to add a bit of seasonal color to your home or garden? Our delightful hummingbird flags, for example, come in a variety of bright and striking colors and are guaranteed to add a touch of sunshine to any space. Think of flying them as a way of welcoming back all the beautiful birds and flowers that were so sorely missed during the winter months, a bit of brightness that will soon be joined by the return of vivacity to the natural world surrounding your home.

Speaking of flowers, none of our garden flags capture the spirit of the season as beautifully as our flower garden flags. Their playful designs and gorgeous colors bring to mind the fun of spring, of how wonderful it is to get out of the house and back into the shining sun of the season. Those expecting guests for Easter and other springtime holidays will love the charm of our Floral Welcome Flag, which tells your friends and family that they can feel at home in your home. Flying a new flag is an easy and fun step to add to your spring remodeling projects, a way to let your neighbors know just how much you’re looking forward to the promise of a new year.


american garden flagThe kids are out of school, the weather’s warm and the sun is shining - time to have an adventure! Family camping trips become all the more fun when our charming and playful Camping flags are flown outside your RV or camper. At the end of a long day of fun, you’ll be all too ready to follow that little scamp’s advice and relax in the shade with a tall glass of lemonade. The flag also works as a great way to set your campsite apart from your neighbors’, making it easy for your kids to find you when they come back from their playing and exploring.

Though camping is great, summer just wouldn’t be summer without Independence Day. Celebrate the fourth by flying one of our striking patriotic garden flags over your cookout, a beautiful and enduring way to keep everyone in mind of the reason why they’ve come together in celebration. Our Happy 4th of July Garden Flag is perfect for the day itself, while a classic American Flag will create warm stirrings in your heart every time you look up and see it flapping in the summer sunshine. There’s so much to love about summer, and so many ways to celebrate everything the season has to offer. Flying one of our flags is a small but powerful way to do just that.


fall leaves welcome flagThere are few things more beautiful than a tree full of turning leaves. The explosion of color can make a forest look like a sunset in repose, a stunning backdrop against which to give thanks for the bounty of the harvest and the presence of loved ones. Celebrate the majesty of the autumn season with one of our handsome and stately outdoor fall flags, like our Fall Welcome Leaf Garden Flag or our Leaf Wreath Garden Flag. Both display the beauty of the falling leaves while welcoming guests into your home and away from the brisk chill of fall.

No one day more epitomizes the majesty of fall than Thanksgiving, which is why we at Ohio Outdoor Creations are proud to offer two different flags dedicated to the holiday of family and feasting. The Give Thanks Garden Flag is a charming reminder of how lucky you and your loved ones are to be blessed by such a bounty, while the Pumpkin Farm Garden Flag depicts a simple, pastoral scene of pumpkins and flowers grown and tended with the utmost care and love. As the year draws to a close, our festive fall flags will remind you of all there is to be thankful for now and in the days to come.

All Styles, All Occasions

As much as we at Ohio Outdoor Creations love the seasons, our flags are about more than a particular day or time of year. We offer flags for just about any occasion, and do so at prices that make it easy to celebrate for any reason at all. If you’re interested in learning more about our products, please feel free to get in touch with us today.

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