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Three Benefits Of Outdoor Drink Holders

Posted by Jeanne Polanski on

Are you looking for a cup holder for the great outdoors that would make handling beverages like soda, water, fruit punch, and wine easily accessible? Keep your drinks raised off the ground and in reach with outdoor drink holders. Whether it is for kids, yourself or seniors that are enjoying a beautiful day of lounging outside, you should look into a few outdoor drink holders that are affordable and easy to use.

Here is a list of several benefits and features that you can look forward to if you decide to own a few outdoor drink holders for yourself, a friend or your family members.

Perfect For Outdoor Events

Avoid spills during outdoor festivities with drink holders. These unique beverage holders will allow you to have your drink of choice nearby when you have a cookout, outdoor music festivals, lounging at the beach, camping or just hanging out by the fire pit. Drink holders are spacious enough to secure and hold items like a coffee cup, wine, a canned beverage or a glass bottle; making it quite the convenient option when you have no place to set down your drinks.

Colorful And Decorative Accents


Add a colorful and sturdy essential to your next outdoor gathering! Heavy-duty multi-colored holders are those must-have accessories that will leave you wondering why you didn't get them sooner. Quality-made and colorful, they provide a pleasant solution and add a whimsical charm to your backyard or patio with a design geared toward those with an eye for appearances. Each holder has a suitable two-piece design for space-saving and simple storage after each use.

Extra Added Convenience


Yard stake drink holders are a convenient and simple solution if you need a place to set your koozie, bottle, or canned beverage. One thing that we tend to notice is that not everyone owns extra side tables or folding lawn chairs that provide that additional space for drinks. When cup holders aren't a part of an outdoor gathering, you'll end up having to place your cup on the dirty ground or hold your beverage the entire time. When this happens, you might be at risk of tipping your drink over and causing it to spill all over the place. That is clearly not the most efficient way to store beverages. An outdoor drink holder is an excellent choice for those with convenience in mind, and it's also equally as functional as other options. If you want easy access, this beverage holder is perfect for your next outdoor event.

Special Features
  • Simply insert the bottom of the holder's stake into the ground
  • Wine
  • Handy for when the area is too uneven for a side table
  • Made from heavy-duty painted steel and a stable
  • Each beverage holder arrives in two pieces for easy installation and storage in smaller spaces
  • Use to hold candles as an alternative
  • Durable finish resists corrosion
  • Multi-color set creates a festive environment
  • We want to help make your outdoor activities better, fun, and more convenient with our unique outdoor beverage holders. Don't let your next outdoor gathering around the fire pit, relaxing in the backyard or camping trip go by without these must-have beverage yard stakes to hold your beverages.

    Need to keep your wine glasses nearby? Ohio Outdoor Creations also carries several outdoor wine holder accessories to help you enhance your wine and dine outdoor experience. For wine-themed nights, we have a full selection of four and eight-pack outdoor wine holders. You'll be sure to find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Shop at Ohio Outdoor Creations today!

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