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Types Of Outdoor Drink Holders

Posted by Jeanne Polanski on

Having a glass of chilled wine, beer or even a hot beverage makes your day in the outdoors much more enjoyable. What's not pleasant, however, is when your drink tips over in the grass, in the sand, on a picnic or all over your outfit. Put a new twist on outdoor events and enjoy your drinks anywhere with unique outdoor drink holders. In this special guide, we want to give you a feel for what types of stake drink holders to look for when shopping around for a unique set.

Outdoor Drink Holders


Different types drink holders will hold just about anything including:

  • Drink Holders For Stemware Wine Glasses
  • Drink Holders For Margarita Glasses
  • Drink Holders For Cocktail Glasses
  • Drink Holders For Martini Glasses
  • Drink Holders For Beer Bottles
  • Drink Holders For Pop Cans
  • Drink Holders For Coffee Cups

Wine Glass Holders

A garden wine glass holder is ideal for savoring casual moments while sipping on wine. This unique drink holder is an excellent way to secure your favorite drinks and avoid any unnecessary spills when you need your wine the most. Our outdoor wine glass holders are the perfect accessory for tailgating, camping, outdoor wine tasting, the backyard, patio, or concerts in the park. Take a look at what Ohio Outdoor Creations has to offer with these special features from our wine glass holders:

Wine Glass Holder Features:

  • Wine glass holders are ideal for picnics or any outdoor lounging
  • Red and burgundy colors
  • Durable steel-rod material
  • Store each wine glass holder away easily

Picnic Wine Glass Holders

Fun, durable picnic wine glass holders are perfect for outdoor picnics and feature a colorful glossy finish for some festive flair. These are just like regular wine glass holders, but smaller so you can sit down and enjoy your picnic!

Outdoor Drink Holders

An outdoor drink holder can accommodate average sized bottles and beverage cans without you having to worry about a thing. If you're searching for a truly versatile outdoor cup and bottle holder, we think you'll be very pleased with our premium outdoor drink holders.

Ohio Outdoor Creations carries a variety of outdoor beverage holders and other outdoor creations to help you heighten experience in the great outdoors. From garden flags to a full selection of decorative garden stakes, and fun decorations, you'll be sure to discover something for everyone including gifts for friends, family!

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