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Outdoor Beverage Holders

Stop dragging fold-up tables around your backyard or campsite as they are neither stable nor decorative. Outdoor beverage holders from Ohio Outdoor Creations are made with metal rods manufactured right here in the USA. The rods of the outdoor cup holders are formed in a trident spike on one end to provide security and stability for any drink, and a holder at the other end for your cup, can, or bottle.

We manufacture a variety of styles of outdoor beverage holders, including cup holders, wine bottle holders, martini glass holders, and premium beverage holders. The best part about these beverage holders is they function as decorative yard stakes when not in use. Whether you are taking your backyard beverage holders to a lawn concern or bringing garden wine glass holders to a picnic, these are the best outdoor accessory to have on hand.

Order your outdoor cup holders and we will ship out your products in 1-2 business days!

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