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Picnic Wine Glass Holder

The next time you go on a picnic, don't mess around with bulky foldout tables and plastic cups. Our 3-piece picnic wine glass holder and bottle holder set is the perfect way to host your next picnic or outdoor party. Enjoy your drink outdoors without having to hold it the entire time. These wine glass holders will securely hold your glasses and bottle in place and off the ground. Ohio Outdoor Creations designed these picnic wine glass, and bottle holder sets to approximately sit 12" off the ground, the perfect height for relaxing on a blanket with your wine of choice.

Picnic wine glass and bottle holders from Ohio Outdoor Creations are all manufactured here in the USA. Plus, if it rains on your party, these wine glass holders will stay in great condition. Made out of heavy-duty metal, these holders won't rust when left out in the rain. Choose from our Red Picnic Wine Holder Set and the Burgundy Wine Glass and Bottle Holder Set. Find the perfect addition to your picnic today.

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