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Open-Gro Tomato Cages

Open-Gro Tomato Cages

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  • Open-Gro tomato and vegetable cages are Made in the USA!    
  • Produced from USA Steel. Fabricated and powder coated in Ohio.
  • Our 3 sided Open-Gro vegetable cages are sturdy enough to support your most ambitious gardening efforts.  Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Eggplant, Squash, Beans, Climbing Flowers.
  • Open-Gro cages are 48" tall after staking into the ground. The open side of the cage is 11" x 10" deep.  
  • Open front makes it easy to harvest and manage branches and growth.  Easy to install after your plants are knee high without damaging your branches.
  • Grow tall and maximize your growing space!
  • Open-Gro cages are stackable and nest together for easy and compact storage, season after season.
  • The 4 main structural supports legs are built from .275"(7mm) rod stock and will support the weight of anything that you grow.
  • Powder coated for superior corrosion and U.V. resistance. 
  • Our welds are strong! They will not break - guaranteed!
  • We are the manufacturer. Wholesale inquiries welcome for web and retail re-sellers.  Our cages are a high quality alternative to the imported conical cages. Our cages nest beautifully on a shipping pallet for large volume purchases. Custom quotes available.

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