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Our Philosophy

Through the 20 years we have been in business, we have seen the flood of manufacturing jobs leaving this country. Often, imported products coming from low cost countries are inexpensive, but inferior. A consumer, who sees the value in paying a little more of a higher quality product made in the USA, may not be able to find that high quality alternative. We are experts at forming steel wire/rod and producing welded assemblies. Within this area of expertise, we are working to identify consumer products that we can manufacture in the USA and offer a higher quality product at or about the same price as an import.

Our Legacy

Ohio Outdoor Creations is the consumer products division of a small, high tech, metal forming company that currently supplies the automotive, industrial, and commercial parts market. We are a manufacturer of outdoor decorative/gardening items and recreational/camping items. Items sold on this website that are produced from wire/rod are fabricated by us in Medina, Ohio! We will not introduce a new item until we have thoroughly reviewed our competitor's products and believe our products offer a quality and functional advantage with superior value for the price.

Ready to bring your product line stateside?

If you are an importer, retailer, or a web sales company and you find that we are competing with your imported product ine, please give us a call. We are happy to work with you to manufacture your item in the USA or sell you our items at wholesale.