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4-Pack Wine Glass Holders with Yellow & Orange Bottle Holders

4-Pack Wine Glass Holders with Yellow & Orange Bottle Holders

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Hosting a barbecue or backyard party? Stop buying fold-up tables that fall over and worrying about disposable cups being knocked on the ground because there is a better solution: steel outdoor wine glass holders. This set of 4 outdoor wine glass holders come with two wine bottle holders, one in orange and one in yellow.

Backyard wine glass holders from Ohio Outdoor Creations are made with .250" solid steel rod produced in Ohio. They stand 36" tall and feature a 2.5" diameter to fit a wide range of stemware sizes and shapes. The wine bottle holders feature a 3.5" diameter to fit standard wine and liquor bottles.

Add a canvas tote back to carry your wine bottle holders along with you to law concerts, campsites, friends' houses, and more. For more color options, view the rest of our backyard wine glass holders.

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